Laser Precision Marking
Huaray lasers can be used for metallic and non-metallic materials precision processing. Laser marker careful and beautiful effect, be more and more manufacturers to accept.
Right: infrared laser of electronic products for two dimensional barcode engraving, the effect is clear.
Laser Precision Cutting
Laser cutting especially applicable to LED chips and FPC circuit board, etc. Use a powerful uv laser processing FPC, can complete exterior cutting, contour cutting, drilling operation, crossed.
Right: ultraviolet laser cutting 1 mm thickness above the carbon fiber board, processing edge tidy, hot effect is very small.
Laser Precision Drilling
The laser can be drilling on the textile fabric, leather products, paper products, metal products, and plastic products.
Right: Use Huaray high power UV laser for metal drilling, speed, high density, cut neat smooth, not cut off, to the slope in processing can also perfect finish.
UV Curable
Laser curing technology is a clean energy saving and environmental protection--technology.
Laser Sculpture
Laser Sculpture technology because its craft stability, the equipment is simple, friendly to environment, and at the same time in the sun battery domain successful application, become for the chemical etching a has the method of application prospect.
Right: ITO membrane sculpture with huaray laser, high precision and crossed the line width requirements, and etching of heat in the small influence as well as possible.
Anodic aluminum Marking
Anodic aluminum Marking with huaray Sub-nanosecond IR laser,can achieve high processing efficiency requirements.