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Huaray Ultrafast established, focusing on the field of ultrafast fiber lasers
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On March 14 2018, on the first day of the Laser World of Photonics China(Shanghai) , Wuhan Huaray Precision Laser Co., Ltd. announced two major events. The first is that the company officially established "Wuhan Huaray Ultrafast Fiber Laser Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huaray Ultrafast)". As a core subsidiary of Huaray Laser, Huaray Ultrafast will focus on ultrafast fiber lasers. Can be widely used in industrial precision micromachining and life sciences. The leaders and professors of the Laser Processing Professional Committee of the China Optical Society and colleagues from the laser industry came to the event.

The second is the release of a new femtosecond ultra-fast laser product, this event is also the first show of the new series. The newly launched femtosecond pulsed fiber laser is an important research achievement of the 13th Five-Year Major R&D project undertaken by Huaray. The core seed sources are all self-developed and manufactured, and the procurement and maintenance costs are effectively reduced by 50%. At the same time, the products are compared. The performance indicators have reached the international leading level, and the stability and reliability are extremely high. The breakthrough extremely narrow pulse width is suitable for ultra-fine processing in high-end fields such as bio-imaging, life science, polymer material processing and processing, material micro-machining, three-dimensional optical storage, and direct writing lithography.

In July 2016, Huaray Laser introduced Dr. Liu Zhenlin, and established the Ultrafast Fiber Laser Technology R&D Center to begin the deployment of fiber laser technology. Under the leadership of Dr. Liu, after two years, the femtosecond R&D team has achieved a series of fruitful results through repeated technical breakthroughs. From ultra-fast seed sources independently developed and manufactured to 40W, 350fs, 200μJ high-energy ultra-fast fiber lasers, Huaray Laser continues to fill the gap in the domestic precision laser field with independent innovation. In order to promote the pace of industrialization of fiber lasers faster, Huaray Laser has integrated resources and established Wuhan Huarui Ultrafast Fiber Laser Technology Co., Ltd., which also marks the further expansion of Huaray Laser's product line, and truly becomes the domestic precision laser field covering all categories. The most complete brand of product lines. In addition to the solid-state laser technology that has been ploughed for many years, Huaray  Laser has mastered the core technology of fiber laser, which represents a solid step for Huaray Laser's vision of “world-class laser technology provider”.

In the past, Huaray achieved high-reliability nanosecond UV lasers and all-solid-state picosecond lasers in the international market through its own technology, product, manufacturing and service advantages. In the future, through perfect product layout and technological innovation, Huaray will always provide cutting-edge technology to provide customers with cutting-edge laser technology, and help customers use laser products to promote the development of various applications, serving China Manufacturing 2025.